Waioka Pond (Venus Pools)



Waioka Pond (Venus Pools)

Rating: 5 Coconuts!! A must do!


2/10 if you don't jump

7/10 if you do jump


Duration: How Long Does it Take to Get to the Venus Pools?

5 minute hike to Venus Pools from the road, plus however long you end up staying


One of the best local spots to cliff dive into the water, the Venus Pools is well worth the drive to get there. Whether you're jumping or watching the locals do their flips, it'll be a spot you'll never forget. The Venus Pools is a spot where the island's fresh water runs off and meets the ocean. Ever been in both fresh water and salt water at once?

Access: Where are the Venus Pools?

You'll park on one side of a bridge on the edge of the road. It looks like a small town neighborhood, with houses lined up on the other side of the street. As you make your way across the field though (and watch out for grazing cattle), you'll be getting closer and closer to one of the more easily accessible and beautiful spots Maui has to offer.not


DescriptionWaioka Pond (Venus Pools) venus pools 1

Once you park next to the bridge, you'll follow the fence until you reach a small opening. Crawl through the fence gate, if you can call it that, and make your way along the path. You'll continue on through the line of trees until you reach and big hollowed out boulder, which may have been used at some point for an oven. Keep right through the trees and as you follow the beaten path for two hundred or so feet, you'll end up at the Venus Pools.

The pools themselves are a mix of fresh water running down from the island into the open ocean on the other side. If you wanted, you swim out to sea after jumping from the approximately thirty foot cliff, although if you get there on the wrong day, you could be swept out to sea.

Warning #1

Flash Floods

This is always a concern when hiking around on Maui. Make sure the waters are not raging. It's always a good move to make sure that it's safe before jumping into any open water on the island.

Warning #2


There have been sightings of certain sea creatures around this area, so be cautious.






Waterproof Phone Case

Water Filter or Camelbak

Bug Repellent

Dry Bag 


Knife (or something to cut the paracord)

Camera or Drone

Spare Socks


Clothes you can get wet



Trekking poles


Things to take on a Hike


Flash Floods

Treat the Hawaiian Lands with respect