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Air Activities

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Here’s a fun one. Sometimes you have to get off of the island to really see the beauty of it. Maui has a few couple options for going above and beyond  the scope of adventuring by foot.



While touting a higher price tag than many of the activities Maui has to offer, if you have some extra money to toss around, this is one thing you don’t want to miss. The helicopter tours offer several different trips. Flying through the sky allows for some beautiful sights, which would otherwise be unseen on your trip to paradise.



Proflyght Paragliding offers the chance to fly through the sky without being confined in any sort of vehicle. It’s just you, the birds and the clouds. Oh, and the tandem “instructor” behind you. Through Proflyght Paragliding, you are offered an introductory flight towards your certification for paragliding. Whether you’re interested in getting certified for paragliding or not, if you’ve never paraglided before and if you have always wondered what it would feel like to fly through the sky like a bird, this is probably the closest you could feel to flying through the sky like a bird, short of growing wings. Owner Dexter and his flight instructors provide a short briefing of what it means to be a paraglider and by the time you get to the launching point, and weather is permitting, you essentially run off the side of Haleakala and glide through the sky, doing a series of turns and tricks before landing a couple hundred feet from the parking point. One of the most fun activities on Maui, with professional and safe instructors, this is one of the few opportunities you can get to being on top of that beautiful Maui rainbow that drops your jaw from the beach.


If you’re interested in a sister sport to paragliding, a company offers a hanggliding trip out toward Hana on the eastern side of the island as well.

Mokulele Airlines


While not so much of a travel destination activity in and of itself, flying in the nine seater plan from island to island has its own charms. Mokulele offers flights to the other islands roundtrip for usually no more than $160 and allows for the exploration of other islands, if you have the desire to see what the rest of Hawaii has to offer. One advantage if you’re staying on the west side of Maui is that Mokulele departs out of Kapalua airport, meaning instead of the forty plus minute commute to Kahului, you’re likely less than a ten minute drive to get on your way. If you’re used to the Boeing 737’s, this could be a nervewracking treat to experience a different type of flight. Or it could just be nervewracking. Either way, it definitely provides some more intimate views of Maui, Molokai and Oahu and is a nice way to see what the other islands have to offer.



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