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Things to Bring on a Hike



Recommended Hiking Gear

It never hurts to be prepared. When hiking around on Maui, you could potentially stumble upon some of the most beautiful sights you'll ever see. And while you'll likely not have to worry about being in full survival mode, it's a good idea to always have a plan when you're out and about. On this page, you'll find our standard recommended hiking kit gear that we always take with us when we are out exploring. So far, it has always been a good day.

Here's a list of our recommend things to bring on a hike on Maui:

Waterproof Phone Case

Your phone is your lifeline. Especially now, when going without the phone for longer than an hour seems like you stranded yourself on an island (which is not necessarily a bad thing.) Protect your phone with a little insurance and use a waterproof phone case. This is a one-size-fits-all type deal and they tend to have a lifespan so don't abuse them too much. They're cheap enough you could get a couple for when they start to deteriorate. Best course of action is to swap them out after a handful of uses, but we have used one for as long as a month before without issue. Using one of these could save your phone. Use one of these.

Water Filter or Camelbak

It's easy to let the thought lapse that water is not an issue, being surrounded by water and all. It is important to stay hydrated while hiking around. Using a camelbak is a simple way to make sure you have a water supply for you and your plus one. If you want to go really minimalistic, you can use a water filter such as the Sawyer Water filter or Lifestraw, but make sure you only use it on fresh water inland. It doesn't work on sea water.

Bug Repellent

Something we never leave without. Maui is full of beauty. Lush, green, bountiful. One could speculate as to any reason for this utopian rock that is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But one thing is for sure. Maui is wet. This allows for the growth of all of the beautiful foliage and plants, but it also helps insects and bugs grow. To make your hiking and outings as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible, you don't want to leave without a stash of bug repellant. This bug repellant is an all natural formula, made with essential oils. A few drops here and there and those bugs won't bother you the least. 

This is a must.

Dry Bag 

Maui being the wet place it is, you'll want to protect you gear from the moisture and, possibly in the case of electronics, being destroyed. A dry bag is just the thing you need. Amazon has plenty of options, but make sure you go for one that has at least 400D and if you're the kind of hiker that enjoys to go off the beaten path, make sure it's submersible. There are plenty of hikes that you may have to (or better said, to have the good fortune to) swim to get to the final destination. Even if you're not swimming, rain is not uncommon. it's also great for the beach.


If there's one thing on this list that has a thousand uses, it's paracord. We always keep a bracelet on us and on our bag in the even that our shoes fall apart, our bag breaks, we need to hang up a hammock, we're falling from a cliff…it comes in handy.

Knife (or something to cut the paracord)

Any survivalist will tell you, if you got to choose one thing you could pick if you were to get stranded, it would be a good knife. The one we picked is completely rust proof, which we can say from experience is 100% true, which means it can handle the ocean and salty air of Maui without any problems. Not that the ocean or the salty air of Maui is an issue :).

Camera or Drone

You'll always have your memories. It's nice to have a backup plan though. Share your memories with loved ones with a quality camera. GoPro's are great for the adventures and DJI's Mavic is the ultimate travel drone, able to fold up into the size of a water bottle. They both come with a higher than easy-to-swallow price, but life is about the memories and experiences. These memories are worth that cost.

Spare Socks

This may seem like a silly addition to this list but trust us, this may be the most important one. If you're hiking around on Maui, your feet WILL get wet. Usually it happens near the beginning of your excursions too. Have a spare pair of socks for when you get back in the car so that you won't hate life (as much as that is possible in the paradise that is Maui.)


Having the proper hiking attire will make your days the most enjoyable and having good shoes is a must. These are great hiking shoes, beach shoes, around-the-town shoes and work pretty great just about anywhere else, aside from that wedding you may be attending (although you are on Maui. They'll understand. At least you're not barefoot.)

Clothes you can get wet

There's a good chance you'll get dirty. Plan for this.


It's sunny on Maui. You will probably find this recommendation the most helpful. Good sunglasses are an investment, but Maui Jim's are a brand that backs their product and takes care of their customers. If they break, you can mail them in for a new pair at a price of $60 and sometimes they'll give you a new pair for free.


There are tons of different types of sunscreen, but many of them are not a good choice. Of the things to consider, the most important are your health and the wellbeing of the planet and the environment. All natural products don't always get the best rap, but there are some out there that really beneficial to use. This all natural product doesn't have any of the chemicals that many of the sunscreens in the drugstores have that are harmful to both your body and to the ocean and the marine life. If you want to help preserve the beauty of the island for generations to come, so your children can enjoy this magnificent place just as you will and have, take care to use products that preserve it.

Trekking poles

Also seemingly a more sillier of the recommendations on this list, it also is a saving grace when you're out on that hike that you underestimated. Trekking poles make it so that you can spread the stress of hiking on to your arms in addition to your legs. If you've never used them before, you've probably seen some people who have used them and laughed. Hiking and enjoying the island's beauty should be… enjoyable. This makes it that much easier to get to the destination and to avoid some of the tedium. 

First Aid Kit

Be safe. Carry a first aid kit with you so that in the unfortunate event that something happens, you'll get out of there in one piece or you'll be the hero who helps another do so.
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