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Water Activities

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One of the first things that comes to mind when Maui is mentioned is surfing. People come to the island from around the world for surfing, from beginner surfers learning on their first wave to the legendary big wave surfers catching a 50+ foot wave known as jaws on Maui’s north shore. Looking to get into surfing? Check out these guys.

Wind surfing and Kiteboarding

Not only is Maui known for regular surfing, it’s also one of the best places in the world for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Because of the trade winds and her location in the world, Maui is a Mecca for wind and water sports and you will find some of the world’s best instructors here, who when they aren’t teaching their craft, are going out and making the best of Maui’s ideal conditions.


Jet Ski

Like going fast? If you’ve never been jet skiing, it’s like having control of your own roller coaster. And while falling off of this water roller coaster is not painless, you definitely won’t walk away (or swim away) with the injuries you would if you were to fall off a roller coaster or its land equivalent, a motorcycle. Maui has one option for jet skiing, giving you control of your own water roller coaster. And it’s worth every penny.


A company operated by the same one that operates the island’s sole Jet Ski, a less common activity is the FlyBoard, which is essentially a water jet propelled jetpack. Sounds awesome, right? It is.


Certain activities are restricted during certain times of the year in consideration of Maui’s migrating guests, the humpback whales. If you come when the whales aren’t typically visiting the island, you have the option to indulge and various adventure and thrill craft on the water. Among these options is wakeboarding, run by Ryan Hickey, owner of Wake Maui. Wake Maui always gives you a great day, not only because of the great wakeboarding, but also because of the hilarious Ryan Hickey makes it his first priority that you enjoy your day on the water. Definitely a great way to spend your day on Maui.

Kayak Tours

Another way to experience the ocean is in your own personal watercraft. Along with Standup Paddleboarding and Surfing, Kayaking is a great way to check out the water and get in a little exercise at the same time. A few companies on Maui offer kayak rentals and tours, but our favorite is the unique clear kayaks offered by See the Sea Maui. Offering the only 100% clear kayaks on Maui, they take the clear kayaks right to one of the best spots on the island to check out turtles, fish and the coral systems for you and they give you a completely unobstructed view of everything around you, water and all. Check out more info on the clear kayaks at



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