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Land Activities

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Experience the island of Maui itself with the many land activities there are to do on Maui. Ranging from the adventurous and exciting to a slower more-easygoing pace to everything in between, there are many land activities to experience while you are spending time on Maui. While you really can’t go wrong with just about anything you do here, here’s a list of things you shouldn’t miss while on Maui.


Ever wondered what it would be like to fly through the sky like a superhero? No need to wonder anymore. On a zipline, you can reach speeds up to forty kilometers an hour. Just you, the cable and your surroundings. Sounds fun, huh? It is. 

Maui has a handful of ziplining options but they all have one thing in common. They are all a blast. Definitely a must do when visiting the island.



Whether its with a guided tour or exploring on your own freely, a great way to take in Maui’s beauty is cruising around the island on a bike. Maui offers the opportunity to bike down a volcano (how often are you going to get that chance) or to just pedal around town like the local surfers. That’s right, some bicycles have surf racks. Check out your options here. 



What better way to experience Hawaiian culture than indulging in a traditional Hawaiian feast? Luau’s are all about the Aina, being one with the community and the islands, and they do it by eating. A lot. Most luaus include an all-you-can-eat spread of local fruit, veggies and meat, as well as an entertaining, not to mention a traditionally and culturally relevant, dance. Varying from traditional to enlightening, most all of them fun, here’s a list of our recommended Luaus and our favorite.



Check out the Volcano, Maui’s Molokini Crater, the Lava fields of La Perouse, the Jungle on the road to Hana or many more sights that Maui has to offer. You can go by yourself (for some advice, there’s a few places we would recommend) or take some private or some even more private tours.


Road To Hana

Possibly one of the prettiest places in the United States (sometimes it’s hard to believe you’re still in the United States on this beautiful, secluded island), the road to hana is one of the places that makes you ask the question: do I really want to get back on that plane? While the view from just driving the road is unspeakably spectacular, we have a list of places which are a little more off the beaten path and some just overall wonderful places that you absolutely must see.


Hiking Tours


Watefall Rappelling




Places to experience Hawaiian History, Past and Present

Aside from Maui’s beautiful beaches and exciting activities to satisfy people of all ages, Maui is also full of history and culture. There are a handful of places you can go on Maui to learn about and experience the islands’ history and Hawaiian culture, as well as learn about the ocean surrounding the islands themselves.

Horseback Riding

Riding off into the sunset on your noble steed does not have to be the perfect ending of a movie. On Maui, there are some amazing rides through some of Maui’s tropical beauty.




Rental Car


Hamster Balling


Alcohol Tours


Lavender Farms


Bee Farms


Health and Fitness



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