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25 Top Hawaiian Instagram Accounts

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25 Top Hawaiian Instagram Accounts

The internet has revolutionized the way our lives work. Want to see what someone on the other side of the world is doing today? Check Facebook. Or Pinterest. Or Instagram. Planning a vacation? Looking for places to go? Want to relive a past vacation? Just hop on Instagram and you’ll be taken back there without having to leave the couch. We’ve put together our list of our 25 Top Hawaiian Instagram Accounts so you can experience (some of) the beauty of the islands, even if you’re not able to be here in person.

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Here’s our list of 25 Top Hawaiian Instagram Accounts, in no particular order:



Starting off the list, Oahu-based @ragehawaii showcases some of the more picturesque spots on Hawaii’s busiest and most populated island, Oahu. 

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@hawaii_aquaholic is a Maui-based photographer who also works on the water for sailing and snorkeling company @sailtrilogy. Showcasing how Maui’s locals live, follow @hawaii_aquaholic to get a taste of island life on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

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The Instagram of our all-time favorite sailing and snorkel charter company, @sail_maui shows the life on the water and what a true sailing catamaran can do. There are a handful of boat companies based on Maui, but @sail_maui is the one that sails the most and gives the most authentic sail. And boy, is that fun! Check out our review of Sail Maui here.

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This Instagram showcases more daily and local events, especially photos of the typical Maui life. @mauihi gives you a taste of what living on Maui is like. @mauihi posts fairly often so if anything significant happens on Maui, chances are that it will show up on this Instagram feed.

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A winner of Big Wave surfing competitions and owner of Maui’s Paia Fish Market, Yuri Soledade’s Instagram is all about surfing and big waves. His Instagram follows Yuri around the world (and on Maui, of course) tackling some of the most monstrous waves you’ll ever see. Think Point Break.

Want to watch man conquer tsunami-sized waves? Follow @yusurf.

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@kaikananisailing is the instagram for Kai Kanani II, a sailing catamaran company that offers snorkeling charters on Maui. @kaikananisailing will show what life is like on the water and what it’s like to be crew and passengers on the various trips that this company offers. For what it’s like to spend your days on the waters around Maui, check out @kaikananisailing.

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And of course, check out our Instagram for more info on everything Maui @letsgotomaui

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