Kaihalulu (Red Sand) Beach




5 out of 5 coconuts!! This is a must!!


Maui is world-known for its beauty and of all of the beaches and secrets that Maui holds, this could possibly be one its best. The red sand beach is one of the few red sand beaches in the world that exists due to the volcanic nature of the island. To experience this beauty, you will have to make your way to Hana on the eastern side of the island. Once there, there's a small hike along the water's edge, where you'll eventually come around a bend and reach this amazing and, usually, secluded beach.


4/10, just take it slow on the sandy and rocky paths, especially if it has been raining. 


Approximately 3 1/2 hours to get to Hana from Kahului

20 minutes from parking by the school to hike to the red sand beach


Park along the street, then hike the path behind Hana town's school, along the water's edge, to get to the red sand beach

Latitude, Longitude


Once you get to Hana town, you'll head down to the school by the water and the Travaasa resort. Park on the road outside the school, but make sure you don't block any gates.

You'll head down the road, toward the direction of the water and you'll come to a field. Cross the field and head through some trees. As you go through the trees, you'll be on a slight decline and you will see the ocean. Keep following that trail, making sure to take it slowly if it has been raining and the trail is wet.

You will follow this trail until you get to the red sand beach and it should take the average person anywhere between five (5) and ten (10) minutes.









Your Brain (as always when hiking)

Waterproof Phone Case (while there are others, this one is the best.)

Water Filter or Camelbak pack

Bug Repellent (this natural one is our favorite!)

Dry Bag (you're on an island. You'll probably get wet.)

Paracord (there's always a use for this.)

Knife (or something to cut the paracord.)

Camera or Drone (you can't beat this one.)

Spare Socks (laugh now, but you'll take this one seriously post-hike.)

Shoes (these are great hiking shoes.)

Clothes you can get wet

Sunglasses (this brand specifically is the best for ocean and water activities.)

Sunscreen (use this one to help preserve the coral and marine life.)

Trekking Poles

First Aid Kit (better safe than sorry.)


Check out this link for a deeper look: Best Things to Bring on a Hike

Beach Gear

Hiking Gear



This is private property. By hiking on this land, you are trespassing if you don't obtain permission to do so by the landowners beforehand. We do not condone or endorse illegally trespassing on private property without permission. We do not have the rights to give permission to hike on this land and this article is informational only.


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