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Hoapili Trail: Hike One of Maui’s More Rugged Adventures

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The Hoapili Trail is one of Maui’s more beautiful, yet rugged trails on the island. Opposed to the lush, green and tropical scenery you encounter on the Road to Hana, Maui’s Hoapili Trail, also known as the King’s Highway or the King’s Trail, brings you through the lava fields on the southern side of Maui, showing the rougher side of one of the most beautiful of the Hawaiian islands. This hike is roughly 5.5 miles long, round-trip, and there isn’t much of an elevation gain. Because of this, athletes often use this hike as a trail-running hike.

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But don’t take this hike lightly!

Because of its more rugged lava rock terrain, one misstep and you could very easily get sliced by the razor sharp volcanic rocks that this trail is essentially composed of. 

Along the trail, you’ll have overlooking views of the shoreline and ocean and the more rugged and rocky side of Maui that you won’t see on the tropical side of Maui.

Also, due to the lack of foliage on this side of the island, you’re also exposed to the sun more on this hike, as trees don’t grow nearly as well in the lava fields as they do on the rainier, windier and more tropical side of the island, like the Road to Hana.




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Starting at La Pérouse Bay, this hike from start to finish is roughly 5.5 miles long, roundtrip.

Recommended Hiking Equipment for the Hoapili Trail

A good chunk of this hike is in a big lava field, so make sure you’re properly equipped with hiking equipment.

You can also rent hiking gear on island so you don’t have to bring it with you! These guys make it really easy!





You’re not too far from Keawakapu Beach! Check out this awesome beach nearby!







Keawanaku Beach

Kanaio Beach


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