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Lipoa Point

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Lipoa Point


The hike to Lipoa Point gives you a scenic view of Maui’s Honolua Bay, some tidepools and some natural arches. Once upon a time, pineapples used to grow around here and in the forties, there was also a golf course.


3 out of 5 coconuts! 




Approximately a 1-mile round trip, plan for 

40 – 50 minutes of your time.



This hike is located on the west side of the island, past the larger cities and is on the beginning half of the road starting from the Kaanapali side that will take you around the west Maui loop. After driving past Honolua Bay, the turnoff is on the highway at a point where the highway curves right. At this point, there is a road that takes you off of the highway if you turn left. Take this road. Along this road, you fill find several pull offs, any of which you can out at to explore.

Latitude, Longitude


Mile Marker

Between mile marker 33 and 34






Your Brain (as always when hiking)

Waterproof Phone Case (while there are others, this one is the best.)

Water Filter or Camelbak pack

Bug Repellent (this natural one is our favorite!)

Dry Bag (you're on an island. You'll probably get wet.)

Paracord (there's always a use for this.)

Camera or Drone (you can't beat this one.)

Spare Socks (laugh now, but you'll take this one seriously post-hike.)

Shoes (these are great hiking shoes.)

Clothes you can get wet

Sunglasses (this brand specifically is the best for ocean and water activities.)

Sunscreen (use this one to help preserve the coral and marine life.)

Trekking Poles

First Aid Kit (better safe than sorry.)


Check out this link for a deeper look: Best Things to Bring on a Hike



This is private property. By hiking on this land, you are trespassing if you don't obtain permission to do so by the landowners beforehand. We do not condone or endorse illegally trespassing on private property without permission. We do not have the rights to give permission to hike on this land and this article is informational only.


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