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Olowalu Petroglyphs

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2.5 out of 5 coconuts! Check it out if you have the time.


A little taste of Maui’s local history, the Olowalu Petroglyphs will give you a feel for old Hawaii. It’s a short nice hike that’s not far from the road that allows you to stretch your legs and get a dose of Maui’s history. The drawings look like they could have been carved as graffiti but whether or not you believe the history behind them, it’s a cool place to check out if you have the time to spare.




1 mile round trip; 20 minute walk from where you park; 40 minute roundtrip

20 minute drive from the road

60 minute total


Up the mountain on a turnoff from the highway near Olowalu Campgrounds on the west side of the island. Offroading vehicle is ideal, but probably not necessary. You will be driving on dirt and gravel roads, however, and if it has been raining, muddy roads as well.


Mile Marker: 15


This hike puts you in the West Maui Mountains a bit. Where you park, it’s not much of a hike to get to where the petroglyphs actually are, but it’s still cool to see these cave drawings. Whether you’re getting a dose of history or some carvings left by hikers past, you’ll still get a beautiful view of the West Maui Mountains and of the ocean, as well as a chance to stretch your legs in the good old outdoors.

The How

From the highway, you’ll head up the road just past Olowalu campgrounds, heading up toward the mountain which eventually turns to gravel and dirt road. It would be best to have an offloading vehicle here, but it could probably be done without. Just a warning that you may get some dings on whatever vehicle you choose to drive up there, being a gravel road.

Once you make your way up, you’ll park on the side and continue on foot, following a dirt road path toward the mountain. You’ll come to the Olowalu petroglyphs on the right side, which can be fairly easy to miss. If you weren’t aware of the carvings, there’s a good chance you might pass right by them, so be on the lookout.



Your Brain (as always when hiking)

Waterproof Phone Case (while there are others, this one is the best.)

Water Filter or Camelbak pack

Bug Repellent (this natural one is our favorite!)

Dry Bag (you're on an island. You'll probably get wet.)

Paracord (there's always a use for this.)

Camera or Drone (you can't beat this one.)

Spare Socks (laugh now, but you'll take this one seriously post-hike.)

Shoes (these are great hiking shoes.)

Clothes you can get wet

Sunglasses (this brand specifically is the best for ocean and water activities.)

Sunscreen (use this one to help preserve the coral and marine life.)

Trekking Poles

First Aid Kit (better safe than sorry.)


Check out this link for a deeper look: Best Things to Bring on a Hike


The hike involves a slight incline as you’re making your way up the West Maui Mountains, although it’s not very far. Most of the incline you encounter will be on the drive.

There is private property near here, so make sure not to trespass on to private land. When hiking, you should have permission to go on any land you choose to hike on.

Respect the island. Pack in what you pack out.

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