Local Hikes



Here's a list of some of the lesser known hikes on Maui:


Na'ili'ili Haele – One of Maui's Best Bamboo Forests – Updated 2021

 Na'Ili'Ili Haele Bamboo Hike Rating: 5 Coconuts!! A must do! Summary This hike is probably one of the best overall hikes that you can do on Maui. With this hike, you go through a bamboo forest, hike in river beds, do a bit of climbing and at the end of it all, if you...

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Waioka Pond (Venus Pools)

    Waioka Pond (Venus Pools) Rating: 5 Coconuts!! A must do! Difficulty: 2/10 if you don't jump 7/10 if you do jump   Duration: How Long Does it Take to Get to the Venus Pools? 5 minute hike to Venus Pools from the road, plus however long you end up staying Summary One of...

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