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Lahaina L (and David Malo’s Grave)

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This is private property. By hiking on this land, you are trespassing if you don’t obtain permission to do so by the landowners beforehand. We do not condone or endorse illegally trespassing on private property without permission. We do not have the rights to give permission to hike on this land and this article is informational only.




3.5 out of 5 coconuts


A nice to do early in the morning, you find yourself overlooking all of Lahaina Town as clouds roll by. Pay respects to David Malo, as his grave isn’t too far from Lahaina’s L.



You begin this hike at the top of Lahaina’s Lahainaluna street at the edge of the high school. There’s a gate right next to the school’s football field.


Update: There’s a no trespassing sign on the gate. As always, obtain permission from the landowner before crossing onto private property.






Starting from the parking lot of Lahainaluna, the oldest school west of the rockies in the United States, you head south, walking on the mountain side of the school’s football field near some mango trees. You’ll reach a gate that says no trespassing (check out the disclaimer.) Continue on into the dirt. 

From here, you’ll hike up the mountain into the old cane fields. There really isn’t much of this hike that isn’t on an incline. While the hike itself is not treacherous or dangerous, you will be hiking up a slope for just about the entire way up to the Lahaina L, so in that regard, it can be a difficult hike. Make sure to bring plenty of water and trekking poles really help to make this hike much less difficult.

You’ll continue up the dirt slopes until you hit the tree line, where things tend to cool down a bit and it’s not uncommon to have a cloud or two roll by. The trees really change the smell and quality of the air on this part of the hike and you’ll likely encounter some birch and eucalyptus trees along the way.

Continue up the path through the trees. If you encounter any florescent ribbons tied around the trees, it means you’re heading the right way. Think of those as breadcrumbs that previous hikers have left behind as landmarks. You’ll follow this trail up to the L.




Bug Repellant

Trekking Poles





Hiking shoes




This hike is on private property and has a no trespassing sign. Make sure to obtain the proper permission before doing this hike.

This hike is also on a steep incline and it is not uncommon to encounter wet weather and mud on the way to the top. Plan accordingly.

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