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Kayaking Maui: Discover the Best Kayaking Tours In Maui (Who, Where, What)

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Looking to see the ocean in a different way in Maui? Check out our favorite kayaking tours in Maui! 

You can find kayak rentals and tours all over the island, so if you want to spare yourself a drive, you can probably find one close to where you’re staying. 

However, some kayak companies are better than others and it may be worth the extra drive (especially since it’s usually a pretty drive along the coast) to go to a better company that will give you a better experience.

Check out our favorites below!

UPDATE APRIL 2023: The company See the Sea Maui and their clear kayaks are currently not operating since at least Covid-19. We contacted them about their operations and they provided this message:

Aloha and Mahalo for your patronage!

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstance, our business is currently at a standstill. We still hope to serve you in the future but until further notice, we’re unfortunately not operating.

Thank you for your support and hope to see you soon!

A Hui Ho!

Your ohana at See the Sea Maui

While they were our top choice, there are a couple other great kayaking companies in Maui that are great alternatives and you can find them below!

Clear Kayaks

Also, if you want to experience the ocean and everything beneath its surface but you want to try something other than snorkeling, you have a handful of other options.

Clear Kayaks with See The Sea Maui

See update above!

One of our favorites is newer to the island but perfect for the tropical paradise that Maui is. See the Sea Maui offers 100% clear kayak rentals and they will deliver to some of the better spots on our snorkel list.

Renting from these guys gives you the freedom to explore as you please

Also, at the time of writing, in honor of their grand opening, they are renting waterproof cameras out for free, as long as you agree to letting them use your videos and pictures to help get the word out.

Clear Kayaks with


1-hr: $50

2-hr: $65



Clear Kayak Rental:

Alternative Clear Kayaking Outfitters: Olowalu in West Maui

Our next favorite clear kayak company is this one.

They leave from the west side of Maui at Olowalu and they also have two seater clear kayaks, which you’ll get for 3 hours per rental.

While See the Sea Maui is our number one choice, these guys are the next best and if you check their reviews, they have over 300 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor.

If you’re looking to clear kayak, you might want to check these guys and their tour out!

Duration and Cost

3-hr: $139.50

A Unique Clear Kayak Experience: Sunset Glow Clear Kayak Tour at Olowalu

This one is a special one.

This company will take you out around sunset with glowing lights in clear kayaks so that you can see the water and what’s below illuminated through the clear kayaks.

This four-hour tour is be an experience to remember!

Check them out here!

Duration and Cost

4-hr: $239

Maui Kayak Tours

South Maui Kayak and Snorkel

These guys are a great kayaking company based out of Makena, near Wailea, in South Maui.

They offer a kayaking tour near Turtle Town in south Maui, so if you’re staying in or close to Wailea, this would be a great option for you.

While they don’t promise turtles, you have a really good chance of seeing turtles and other marine life with these guys, even if it’s just because of the area they leave from. But there isn’t any 100% guarantee to see turtles anywhere in Maui, just a better chance.

Their guides are super friendly and knowledgeable, often giving tips on other things to do in Maui while out kayaking. They’re also professionally trained in first aid so you can rest assured that you can come back from your kayaking outing, safe and sound.

Check these guys out.

Duration and Cost

3-hr: $135

Kayak Fishing Tours

Private Pelagic Kayak Fishing Charter

Want a really unique and special private kayaking tour? These guys will take you out privately on a kayak fishing tour in Maui’s waters. You’ll be able to take these two-person kayaks into deeper waters and go fishing with this one of a kind experience in Maui.

As a private tour, you’ll get the guide to yourself and loved ones, personalizing this one-of-a-kind experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

If this sounds like the perfect trip for you, jump on it as availability books up quick!

Duration and Cost

4-hr: $950


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