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Haleakala Sunrise Reservations



Looking for last minute Haleakala Sunrise Reservations? You need a reservation as of February 2017 to watch the sunrise on the summit of Haleakala. If you book it early and plan ahead, they're easy enough to get an online reservation on the Haleakala National Park website. Keep in mind though that sometimes you have to book them months in advance.

The reservation fee itself is a measly $1. There is also an additional park entrance fee, but it's worth it.


Note: To enter the Summit District between 3am and 7am, the reservation holder must be present and show both the one-day sunrise reservation receipt (for that day) and a photo ID. Note that a reservation is not required if visiting prior to 3am and after 7am. ticket facility 253731 2 - Haleakala Sunrise Reservations

If you don't get the reservation though, you could miss out on a life-changing experience. Watching the sunrise on the Haleakala summit can be one of the most beautiful sights you could witness.

The park opens a handful of reservations online a couple days in advance, but if you're not quick, you won't get it. The few people that do get those reservations usually have them booked within several minutes of when they're released and then they're gone.

If you're not able to get a reservation, we might be able to help. Fill out the form with accurate information and we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Fill out this form to see if we can get last minute Haleakala sunrise tickets for you.

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    haleakala sunrise reservations official website
    The official Haleakala sunrise reservation website gives you info on what you need to get the reservations, but sometimes it's not as helpful as you may like.

    Things to Bring for Haleakala Sunrise (or any other time):

    • Cold Weather Gear (seriously, it's cold up in Haleakala Crater)
      • Hat
      • Jacket
      • Blanket
      • Gloves
      • Hand warmers (if you can find them anywhere on Maui)
      • Doubled-up Socks
    • A Camera
    • A loved one
    • Your ID showing that you are whoever your reservation was made under
    • Snacks
    • Water (and Coffee and Hot Chocolate)
    • Cash or Credit Card for Haleakala National Park's entry fee
      • The entrance fee is currently an additional $25 per car
    • A flashlight (it's usually dark up there if you make it up on time as scheduled)
    • Motion sickness prevention (the road to the top is switchbacks just about the entire way)
    Haleakala Reservation Website
    The sunrise reservations for Haleakala National Park open up two days before at 7:00 AM HST, but they go fast.
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    Haleakala National Park Photo Gallery

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