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Kayaking Maui



Kayaking Maui

Clear Kayaks

Also, if you want to experience the ocean and everything beneath its surface but you want to try something other than snorkeling, you have a handful of other options.

Clear Kayaks with See The Sea Maui

One of our favorites is newer to the island but perfect for the tropical paradise that Maui is. See the Sea Maui offers 100% clear kayak rentals and they will deliver to some of the better spots on our snorkel list.

Renting from these guys gives you the freedom to explore as you please

Also, at the time of writing, in honor of their grand opening, they are renting waterproof cameras out for free, as long as you agree to letting them use your videos and pictures to help get the word out.

Clear Kayaks with SeeTheSeaMaui.com


1-hr: $50

2-hr: $65


Main: www.seetheseamaui.com

Clear Kayak Rental: https://www.seetheseamaui.com/shop/completely-clear-kayak/