Things to Bring on a Boat



Things to Bring on a Boat

The last thing you'll want is to be unprepared and in need of something while you're out on the water. Even if it's just a day trip and not a voyage at sea, it's best to be prepared on your excursion on the water. Most of the boat charters you'll book on Maui will have a majority of the basic essentials you'll want for that trip: snorkel gear and drinkable water. Food, depending on the boat. And most sailors don't go out without their beer. The rest will likely be up to you to bring. We've put together a list of things to bring on a boat, ranging from seasickness remedies to waterproof gear to sunglasses. It's a list of things we wouldn't want to be without if we were on the water. It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

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With that, here's our list in no particular order.



First on the list is a key item if you're prone to getting seasick. The ancient words “by failing to prepare, you're preparing to fail” certainly comes into play here. Dramamine is key. You'll be happy you brought this when that feeling starts creeping up on you. You're out on the water to have a good time. Take the precautions necessary so that you can enjoy your day as planned.

Seasickness pills: Hylands

While a more mild treatment to seasickness, Hyland's natural seasickness tablets seem to work on the fly and almost as well as the more medically and scientifically treatment, Dramamine. Boat crews and sailors swear by these and, whether or not it's mental or they actually work, the majority of the time you'll feel at least a little bit better. Since these are all natural, you don't have to worry about any side effects you might have, like you might when you take an actual medication or something stronger, such as Dramamine. There's really no reason not to get these.

Ginger candies

Ginger has historically been something that helps alleviate seasickness. These ginger candies not only may help stave away that awful feeling, they taste great. There are a few flavors, but these peanut butter ones are our favorite. The link about brings you to a 5-lb order of these candies and, while right now that may seem like a lot, trust us: you'll be glad you ordered this size. These candies are delicious.

Other flavors include spicy apple, original and mango.


You'll probably want a swimsuit if you're going out on a boat. Unless it's that kind of cruise. For the ladies, a favorite local brand is Pakaloha. Guys, you probably don't care as much. Billabong is good, so is Quicksilver.


Towels are also a great thing to have. If you're going out on a commercial charter, there is a slight chance that they'll have towels for you, but most don't provide them free of charge, if they provide them at all. 

This towel is a great option because it's light and compact, so it won't take up much room in your bag. You can always use it to fill in the gaps in your pack as well.

Our favorite thing about this towel is that it is super absorbent, so even though it is compact and light, it does an awesome job wicking the moisture and drying you off


“When in Maui…”

Sport the Maui style and don a pair of sandals while you're on the island. The best brand you can go for are Olukai's. They have a one year, no-questions asked warranty. That aside, they look great, the feel great and they make you feel great. Olukai's are the way to go.

Boat Shoes

If you're looking for a bit of a hardier option, these Vibram fivefinger “shoes” are great for boats. They really make you feel in touch with your inner animal and even though there's a thick layer between you and the ground, they really make you feel like you're gripping the ground with your feet (or the boat's deck in this case).


Maui Jim's are the absolute best sunglasses on the water, hands down. They may carry a bigger price tag than the typical pairs of sunglasses, but your eyes will thank you.

Some styles of sunglasses are better on the water than others and pay attention to the shades of the lenses. In Maui's sun, darker lenses are better on the water as the sun reflects off of the ocean's surface.

If you talk to a true sunglasses afficionado, they'll have more to say on the various lenses you can buy. Most will agree, however, that Maui Jim's are among the top options.

Dry Bag

Anyone who's been on a boat before will tell you that having a dry bag is a good idea. Things will and do get wet. Protect you stuff so that you can use it another day. Phones nowadays are more expensive than some cars, especially some of the Maui cruisers you'll see on the island.

This is one of our favorite options for dry bags. It's hardy, it can take a beating and it keeps your stuff dry. Plus, there are extra pockets for easier access and for those things that you aren't as worried about getting wet.

Whatever dry bag you pick, you'll want one.


Chances are the boat you're going on will have snorkel gear for you to use. But who wants to use a community snorkel that's been used by who-knows-who? Do yourself a favor and buy a snorkel.


These fins are pretty cool. The way fins work is that the longer the fin's blade is, the more streamlined your flow and, therefore, your swim. But shorter fins have their purpose too. With shorter fins, you're trading in your streamlined stroke for control and maneuverability. Walking around in these fins isn't as clunky as most fins, since the blades are shorter. They also have built in booties, so you're feet are protected and more comfortable. And not that it's something you really have to worry about, but your feet will be warm too.

You'll like these fins.

Waterproof Camera

It's not everyday you're in paradise. It's important to be present when you're on island so you can enjoy everything, but why not take some memories home with you? With a waterproof camera, you can relive those special moments when you get home. And who knows? Maybe you'll get instafamous?

GoPro is easily the golden standard when it comes to waterproof action cameras. With the ability to shoot in 4k, it'll feel like you're there again.

If the GoPro's price tag is a little too much, there are other options that still record in great quality. While the videos may not be as clear as the GoPro, these cameras still do a great job and you'll also have the peace of mind that it only cost a fraction of the price of the GoPro if something happens to it while you're traveling about.

Waterproof Phone Case

The cost of some phones these days could set you back the cost of a medical operation or two. Do yourself a favor and get a waterproof phone case. Their cost is nothing compared to buying a new phone if it gets water damage.


Water shoes socks


You may not have heard of a Scorkl, but it's a pretty cool thing. They started a kickstarter a while ago for a smaller, more portable scuba tank. It's about the size of your forearm and you can fill it with air with a special pressurized pump. That way, you don't have to get it filled at a scuba shop. It only hold about 15 minutes of air, but for those surface snorkels where you just want to pop down really quick, the Scorkl is perfect. 

It's essentially a mini scuba tank, so you should be scuba certified if you want to use it.

For more info, check this out:


Water Drone

Another awesome kickstarter project is the YouCan Water drone. There are a handful of others that are coming out with water drones as well, but this is the first one to really break into the market.

It comes with a 4k camera and a tether of different lengths (essentially, the more you spend, the more accessories you get, including longer tethers). You probably don't need anything longer than 50 meters, which is about 150 feet. Sending your little sub into deeper depths than that is probably irresponsible. Not that we haven't done it.

If you want to look into getting a submersible water drone, check out their indiegogo page here:

They're shipping now.


Here's the link for the DJI Mavic combo pack. It has just about everything you'd want or need to hit the ground running with the Mavic

There are parts of Maui you can only see from the air. Before, you really could only see them if you booked a helicopter tour. And while those tours are awesome and we totally recommend it, they are a little expensive and you have a little less control than you would if you were the pilot.

Enter the DJI Mavic Pro. These little beast of a drone has a range of 4 miles and with a 4k camera, you can probably capture video better than your eyes can even tell the difference in the quality.

It carries a heftier price tag than any of the other toys on this list, but if you find your groove with this little guy, you might find yourself as an aerial photographer.

One of the greatest things about the DJI Mavic Pro is that it is super portable. It folds into the size of a one liter soda bottle, so you can pack it away in your backpack, go hiking and whip it out as you see fit. You do have to follow certain FAA guidelines, as they are regulated by the federal government. But there is plenty of fun to be had with these little guys.

Food / Snacks

Dried Mango. Yum.

External Battery Charger

This little powerhouse will keep your electronics running and in full form. Not only does it have the capacity to fully recharge most phones five times with its 16000mAh battery capacity, it also has a solar panel to recharge it's own store while on the go or on the beach. It also is somewhat waterproof so it can handle the elements that a normal battery bank wouldn't be able to.

Don't you hate it when you open up your phone, only to find that you have 2%? Let's fix that.

Kobo Aura H20 Ereader

This eReader has an eInk screen so that you can read in the sunlight without having to worry about glare or being able to read your book. It is also waterproof to an extent so you don't have to worry about the occasional spray that may hit you while you're sitting on the beach. This is the best eReader for beach-reading, no question.

Hydroflask / Camelbak

Cold water in the hot sun. Yes please.

There are a handful of off brand hydroflasks and insulated canteens on the market. If you have ever tried any of these, you know that many of them don't hold a candle to the original Hydroflask brand. If you want assurances that your water will be cold in the hot Maui sun, go with Hydroflask.


Hat's are just portable shade. There are plenty of palm trees to hang out under on Maui, but there are less things to hide you from the Maui sun on a boat. Hat's will make your life a little more comfortable while you're out sailing the seas


There has been a push to ban non-reef safe sunscreen on the Hawaiian islands. Help preserve the beauty of Hawaii by using reef-safe sunscreen.

First Aid

It's always good to have, just in case. You might just end up being called a hero.


Like duct tape, paracord has 10,000 uses. Whether it's the paracord bracelet that unravels  to 10 feet of paracord, to a paracord belt to a big spool of paracord, it's good to have in any occasion.


I'm pretty sure you can't order rum on amazon. That would be nice though. You'll figure out a way to get your pirate on when you're on the boat. That is, if you're a true sailor.

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